The LEGENDS team on stage comprises internationally renowned musicians, singers and dancers

whose individual qualities guarantee a unique, surprising and inspirational show

when they come together. 


The LEGENDS creative team consists of experienced concept developers, media

and stage designers, well attuned to each other through their multifarious large-scale projects

throughout the world (Daimler, Volkswagen, MINI etc.)


Sabrina Weckerlin
Patricia Meden
Bertram Ernst künstlerische Leitung
Mirko van Stiphaut Arrangements, musikalische Leitung
Martin Furmann
Daniel Sanleandro
Ercument Tunca
Angelique Saula

Our special credits go to Dietrich Körner and Fedor Sturmann (light design), Martina Hirtes

(stage design), Marcus Leyendecker (technical support), René Elberfeld and Tom Bechtloff (media), Yvonne Schäffer and Thomas Magdalinski (photos) and Kim Kemper (makeup). 

Thanks for your never-ending support!