‘The show must go on’


In the age of digitalization and networking, the event market is becoming

more and more interested in appropriate or rather new stage formats. 


The live project LEGENDS meets these requirements by achieving

the seemingly impossible through state-of-the-art technology. 


In a nutshell: Deceased stars like Freddy Mercury, Michael Jackson,

David Bowie, Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston can be experienced

live on stage by means of interactive media in direct interaction with

live international musicians.


And not only that: LEGENDS provides the answer as to how these international stars might sound today. The charisma of the deceased singers remains intact, however, it is the modern sounds of the compositions that creates new fascination.


Ready to rock the stages all over the world


Everyone is talking about connectivity and with LEGENDS it becomes a tangible experience. This is where virtuality and reality, media and live performances, tradition and future meet, and even the afterlife connects with the mortal world in a fascinating way. Without a doubt, this compact Highlight show is

an innovative and highly emotional world novelty.

Modern Technology


It is the two singers who particularly trigger the interactive moment of the LEGENDS highlights show ‘The show must go on’.

The duets between them and the original voices of the stars enthuse with the power of their voices as well as the transmission

of the pleasure of playing. The dance crew then combines the projections and the live events on stage to an authentic and powerful entity.


The project is made possible due to new technological developments that allow

the original voices to be extracted and repositioned within a new context. 

Visually, the stars are animated in different ways in order to be experienced on various modular projection surfaces as well as in

a Holopro format. 




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